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You're not living your best life when you are feeling pain and distress in your body, mind and emotions. Sometimes Western medicine is limited in its approach to a dis-eased condition. Sometimes the treatment is a drug you don't want to have to take or is only partially working. At any disease stage, acupuncture can be an effective and appropriate treatment, particularly in resolving conditions caused by imbalances and stress in the body-mind.

Five Element Acupuncture


My goal is to provide acupuncture and related treatments that will improve, reverse and prevent a broad array of health problems. Chinese medicine recognizes a system of how imbalance, pain, stress, injury and energy are expressed in our bodies and brings that system back to its healthy state. 

Complementary Techniques


In addition to being a licensed acupuncturist, I am trained in other techniques. Acupuncture sessions can include cupping, gua sha (a deep tissue massage), essential oils applied to acupuncture points, and moxabustion (use of moxa, an herb warmed on an acupuncture point). Treatments are tailored to an individual's need.

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About Dixie Mullineaux

My health practitioner training includes certification in bodywork from Dr. Scherer's Academy in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1984 and a Master's in Acupuncture from the Traditional Acupuncture Institute in 1996. I have been in private practice since 1985 in massage therapy and since 1996 in acupuncture. My experience also includes work for 6 years at the Baltimore City jail, treating inmates for drug addiction with acupuncture, and 10 years teaching acupuncture students as a clinical supervisor, at the Traditional Acupuncture Institute. 

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Dixie Mullineaux, LAc, RAc

Berkeley Springs Practice at Sage Moon Healing Center, 110 Congress St., | Berkeley Springs, WV 25411 and Baltimore Practice at Ruscombe Mansion Health Center, 4801 Yellowwood Ave., | Baltimore, MD 21211

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